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Digital Marketing

The demand for digital marketing and e-commerce specialists is growing at an incredible rate. In about a decade, the global e-commerce market grew by over 600%. And as more of the world starts doing business online, more people with varied backgrounds and experiences are entering the field, which means e-commerce is adapting to serve new markets and different cultures. With so much global growth, digital marketing and e-commerce offer high-paying jobs—with or without a college degree. But while the demand for digital marketing and e-commerce skills is higher than ever, employers are struggling to find candidates with the right experience. That's exactly what this program is designed to do—to give you the knowledge and skills to start or advance your career in digital marketing or e-commerce. It doesn't matter if you're beginning a new career journey or already working in a similar role. By the end of this program, you'll be ready to find a job in these high-growth, high-impact fields. If you've ever bought anything online, you're familiar with e-commerce from the customer side.

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